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How to filter X-Axis (date) depending on a slicer

Hi everybody,


I'm doing a basic stacked column chart and I wanted to change the X-Axis (based on a date field) depending on a slicer (12 last months or 6 last months). This slicer will filter the Date X-Axis in order to show only 6 months or 12 months.

I've created a Table called "Temporalité" with 2 values. It's going to be a text slicer which function is to filter the Date Axis (Annuelle = 12 months and Semestrielle = 6 months)


DateDynamic = 
var _MaxDate = CALCULATE(MAX(Table[Date]), ALL('Table'))
var _MinDate6 = EDATE(_MaxDate,-6)+1
var _MinDate12 = EDATE(_MaxDate,-12)+1

    VALUES('pTemporalité'[Type de temporalité])="Annuelle" && MAX(Table[Date]) <= _MaxDate && MAX(Table[Date]) > _MinDate12, ??????????,
    VALUES('pTemporalité'[Type de temporalité])="Semestrielle" && MAX(Table[Date]) <= _MaxDate && MAX(Table[Date]) > _MinDate6,  ????????????,


I'm stuck with this problem... 


I hope that somebody will help me!


Thank you


Super User
Super User

@DPE_Fabulous , if you select one month or date and then want to display a trend of 6 or 12 months you need a slicer on an independent date table


//Date1 is independent Date table, Date is joined with Table
new measure =
var _max = maxx(allselected(Date1),Date1[Date])
var _min = eomonth(_max, -12) +1
calculate( sum(Table[Value]), filter('Date', 'Date'[Date] >=_min && 'Date'[Date] <=_max))


Need of an Independent Date Table:

Hi @amitchandak ,

It doesn't work for my issue because I use a lot of different slicers.


Here's a screenshot: 


I need that I can change my variable with a slicer to change from _Min6 to _Min12, in order to change the number of TRUE in my list (which is becoming, afterwards, a range of date for my bar chart).


The aim is to keep only the "blue" one (Min6 and Min12 below): 




P.S. In green, when I use the VAR in the return, it works. But not the VAR in the red rectangle. Why? 

The error shown is: A table of multiple values was supplied when a single value was expected


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