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How to create a tooltip for a Card?

Is there any way to create tooltips for a Card ? Or any other element ? 
When the mouse is over the card appears a description, pop-up or tooltip... Is possible ???

I am also thinking about the pop up box, or mouse over text on particular symbol to read the details, or creating self help symbols is good to explain to clients, or they can do self service if needed, or end user side it is necessary to give brief description to fallow the dashboards.

Helper II
Helper II

Ananymous:  Brilliant work-around!

Other Anonymous:  Yes, the default Action is Back.  So, click on your card by finding it under the Selection view pane and select it.  Now, go back to the Action pane and change from Back to Page Navigation instead.  Note: the Destination option displays None.  Click on your new invisible button and nothing changes!

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You cannot create a tooltip for a card. However, a simple workaround would be to create a blank button and create a tooltip for that. Afterward, place the blank button on top of the card. So it looks like your card has a tooltip.


Detailed Explanation:

Create an empty button and add tooltip: Home -> Button -> Blank. In visualization tab, Outline -> Off, Action -> On. In Action, enter the tooltip description in tooltip textbox. Now place this empty button on top of the card to show tooltip for a card 



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Anonymous, this great but you have to apply an action. So if someone clicks on the button, which someone will probably do, it will do something. The default is back. 

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This is a great work around. I am just concerned about the uniformity of the toltip. How do you make the tooltip look similar? I am using PBI report server. The background color of tooltip is black with white fonts. Whereas when I use this method to create a tooltip, it appears as black font with white background.




one option for card tooltips, which will work for some cases, is to use the report page tooltip.

This thread shows a couple of examples:

Card visual: report page tooltip “to the rescue” 

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The report page tooltip does not seem to work on multi row card. Please correct me if I am wrong.



Memorable Member
Memorable Member

There's an existing Custom Visual that does this - "Dynamic Tooltip"


I havent used it a great deal but it has worked well so far. 


Thanks for that @mike_honey. The Dynamic Tooltip is great and I am using it a lot to provide i icons for further information. Not quite what I want in this case though. What I want is the Dynamic Tooltip but instead of providing an image I want to display a number as per the card visual but then be able to have tooltips based on other measures showing. ie. to be able to show a value but be able to see a tooltip for the benchmark and variation from benchmark. Given that the Dynamic Tooltip is already there it should not be that hard for somone to come up wiht this varient of it. 

Advocate IV
Advocate IV

I agree this would be great to have. Sounds like somone needs to add a custom visual to do this or Microsoft need to add this change.

Super User
Super User

Not for the Card visualization or for the multi-Card visualization to the best of my knowledge.

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