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How to create a calculated column needed to hold the previous date from the data column?

I have a date column named 'Min Date'. I would like to created a new calculated column that will hold the previous Min Date value. The below table shows my intention.


Note where the 'Min Date' value is 01/04/2023, the rows 'Previous Min Date' column holds 01/01/2023 which is the very next earlier date in the 'Min Date' column.
Note where the 'Min Date' value is 01/09/2022, the rows 'Previous Min Date' column holds 01/05/02021 which is the very next earlier date in the Min Date column.
I hope this makes sense. Please can you inform me on the DAX needed to created this 'Previous Min Date' column?

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@v-yifanw-msft  No. Unfortunately the help above hasn't resolved my issue. However, I've moved on from this initial question and therefore no longer require this particular thread answering.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @D_PBI ,

May I ask if your problem has been solved. If the above reply was helpful, you may consider marking it as solution. If the problem is not yet solved, please feel free to ask us a question.

How to Get Your Question Answered Quickly - Microsoft Fabric Community

If it does not help, please provide more details with your desired out put and pbix file without privacy information.


Best Regards,

Ada Wang

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Post Patron

@amitchandak - thanks for your response. I will need to come back to this and see if it completes my aim.

Super User
Super User

@D_PBI , try a new column like


Maxx(filter(Table, [Min Date] < earlier([Min date])), [Min Date])

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