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How to connect to multiple data sources that cannot see each other?



Is there a way to connect to multiple sql databases located in different servers that cannot see each other? 


I have an scenario where I have different countries each one with an sql database. These databases are identical, the only difference is the data stored in them.


Each one of these servers has already a gateway installed because i have several dashboards published showing individual data for each country, being able to update the data with the use of this gateway.


However, in the dashboard i am currently working on, I need to combine the data of all the countries. I find this not possible since i am not able to connect to all of them simultaneously and neither set multiple gateways.


I wonder if there is any solution to achieve this.

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous  as I understood you queried

   tbl1,2,3 from db from sqlServer1 to build PBIreport1 and published in the workspace


  tbl1,2,3,4,5 from db from sqlServer2 to build PBIreport2 and published in the workspace


You can use Analysis Service Connector to query PBIreport1 and PBIreport2 seperately, build a data model and generate PBIreport3

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Thank you for your reply, yes that is what i aim to do:

"query PBIreport1 and PBIreport2 seperately, build a data model and generate PBIreport3" I want to be able to take the data from PBIreport1 and 2, combining it to a new data model in PBIreport3, allowing me to add a column "country" to some of the tables.


Could you please give some more information on how to do this?


I've been looking into the solution you suggested but the information I found about Analysis Service Connector seems outdated and I was not able to figure out in the "PBIreport3" how to connect to "PBIreport1" and "PBIreport2" simultaneously because all the connections to sql datasources ask for the server name and the database, but if I connect through a vpn to the server that provides the data to "PBIreport1" then i don't have access to the data of "PBIreport2" because I would need to also connect through a vpn to get it.


Hope that makes sense.

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