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How to add a Dropdown Parameter to My Report That is Independent of all Other Filters


I need to add a drop down slicer to my report that acts similarly to the Modeling Parameter. On my report I need a user to be able to single select a location from that slicer and then have that selection return a variable that can be used in an equation. Is this possible and if so how have you achieved this?

Thanks All.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @Anonymous 


According to your description, I think there is no problem with your logic and approach. But in the end, you can't change the measure into a calclulated column. You should know that only the measure can change dynamically.

If you still need help, please feel free to ask me.


Best Regards

Janey Guo


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Can you share an example of what you mean? 

you could try a lookup based on the selected value and do a calculate function. 


Lookup([Variable],variabletabke[location],selectedvalue(dim_location[location])*result your adjusting by variable 

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Below is a cleaned up version of my report what I need to do is have the Metropoliten Area slicer uner the Input Values section be completley independent of the rest of the report (curently that slicer goes to a table that has no relations to my other data) and return the appropriate Index value for the area selected.  I will need the value to adjust the AVG_UC_TM column at the bottom of the page. 



Power BI Report 1.jpg


Location Index.JPG

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , Independent table what if can work like that. Based on What I got from your description


Need of an Independent Table in Power BI:

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I tried what you were sugesting in the recomended video and I was still having issues.  Below is essentually the quation that I am trying to create. 


Average UC Location = AVERAGE((RS_Means_Location_Based_Index_Sort[Proposed_Location]/DB_Est_Costs[Location Index])*DB_Est_Costs[UC_TM])
The Issue I am running into is that RS_Means_Location_Based_Index_Sort[Proposed_Location] is part of a peramieter what if made up of the following equation: 
Proposed_Location = SELECTEDVALUE(RS_Means_Location_Based_Index_Sort[Index]) 
So Idealy I would have a column for  (RS_Means_Location_Based_Index_Sort[Proposed_Location]/DB_Est_Costs[Location Index])*DB_Est_Costs[UC_TM]) and a measure for the average portion.  But when I do it that way the column comes back as blank cells.  

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