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How to GROUP BY parameters in Power BI Report Builder ?



I have toying arround with Power BI Report Builder and I didn't find that many tutorials about it yet. I tried to make a Parameter (which is essentially a filter at the top of the report page) on top of my matrix to select a supplier and business parameter like that. The thing I'm seeing is it list in the dropdown all the values of my table one after the other regardless if they are the same value or not. I find it a bit anoying because I don't want to see my supplier like 20 times in the dropdown if I have 20 lines in my table for this supplier. I was wondering if there was a way to do a GROUP BY on these Parameter so each distinct value only show once?

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Hello @Anonymous ,


My requirement is also same, my paramaeter list is showing lot of duplicates, not able to group them or eliminate duplicates. Did you find any solution for this?



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@Sadapa07 Hello, I haven't find any solution yet.


For now, we stopped trying to develop paginated report since it only works for PowerBI Premium and we have a regular PowerBI Desktop/PowerBI Service subscription. We don't have enough employees (around 200) to get PowerBI Premium.


PowerBI Report Builder could be useful instead of using SSRS though.

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Hi @Anonymous 


Correct me if I am wrong.


Do you want to take out the duplicates from your slicer?




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Hello @Anonymous , 


Yes I want to remove the dupplicate from my slicers (the dropdown menu you can add to filter your Power BI Report Builder report)!


Do you have a solution?




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Hi @Anonymous ,


I know slicer itself removes the dups when we add the data to it.


May be I will have to look at your dataset. Do you mind in sharing?


Or else  you can go thru this blog for your reference.




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@Anonymous I'm aware that I'm talking about Power BI Report Builder on the Power BI Desktop forum (since there is no Power BI Report Builder forum yet) and I'm also aware that it's still in beta version but I'm wondering if anyone had a solution to my problem!

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Hi  @Vincent

I dont know why I am unable to recreate your issue.

May be I am missing something.

Please see my screesnhot below I dont see any dups in my slicer

Supplier 2

Capture 13.PNG


Supplier 1

Capture 12.PNG

Capture 11.PNG

@Anonymous The question is for Power BI report Builder, I think you are assuming this is in Power BI Desktop.

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Here is my dataset:



Here is my report:


Here is  the slicer:

my slicermy slicer


Hi Vincent,

had a similar problem and found your post. Solution that works for me:

1. Create a new Dataset "Distinct_Supplier":

(SELECT Distinct

Order by DATATABLE.supplier)


2. Name the Parameter e.g. "Supplier1" (Not "Supplier", this gives you an error message), fill with Values from Distinct Supplier. (Available Values + Default Values: "Get values from a query")

3. DataSet1 -> right click -> DatasetProperties -> Add "WHERE DATABASENAME.Supplier = (@Supplier1)" at the end of the query.


Now I see only Distinct Values for the parameter.


Part of the solution I found here, but the way to change the query differs:





hello, did you find a way to achieve this by any chance?

create a dataset with just supplier for your parameter

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