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Helper II
Helper II

Help with simple measure needed



I have a table that holds project operations. I have another table which has the timebooking of the employees for these project operations. I have a relationship between both tables.


Now I want to show the amount of days since the last time booking per project operation.


I created this measure: Days since last booking = DATEDIFF(TODAY(), LASTDATE(EmployeeTimeBooking[Date]), day)


The measure can be saved. However, when I start drawing it into my table, the table does not load anymore for one hour and afterwards I get an error message saying "not enough resources".


BTW, I am using Direct Query.


Can someone help me here?


Thanks, Christian

Helper II
Helper II

Hi, thanks for your answers.


Unfortunately, with both formulas, I am running into the same problem as with my formula. The wheel is turning and turning...No result


Do you have any other idea?


Thx, Christian

Super User
Super User

@_chris_ , if you need max date from the table try like


measure  =

var _max = maxx(allselected(EmployeeTimeBooking), EmployeeTimeBooking[Date])


DATEDIFF(TODAY(), _max , day)


or try like


DATEDIFF(TODAY(), max(EmployeeTimeBooking[Date]), day)

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