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Helper II
Helper II

Help with Running Total

Hi, so I need to calculate the number of users based on 5 criterias: the customer, the user id, server name, login date and finally login time.
So for example, I want to know how many users logged on for Apple with a distinct userid for a specific server(xx12) on Tuesday 3/27/2019 for every 30 minutes increments( example 7:00 to 7:30, I would like to have these increments for the whole day).

So many users will be logged on and I just want to keep a count of them for a specific company, using their id number used for logging in, for the server they logged into, for a specific date and then at what time they logged into(based on the fact that my time will be broken into 30 mins increments). What would be the easiest way to achieve this?

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Any chance you can load some sample data?



this is the type of data but I can't reveal the real data so basically there will be many users id as well and I am guessing that is how we will group the data by in additition to looking at these fields. any help is appreciated. 

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Just a few questions.  Let's take your first row of your desired output where it is 4.  Customer, server, login date and login time are the columns you want to get the count for, correct?


Assuming that is true, what does that 4 represent?  The number of users for customer, server and date, but not 100% clear on the ling time. Would that be distinct count of users that have logged in between 6:00pm and 6:30pm? I'm also assuming that the number of users = 4 would reference more than the data you have above?

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