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Help with Dynamic Filtering

Hi, I am a new Power BI user stuggling with filtering in a line chart. My issue revolves around two columns in my data: 


Goal:  (event, healther, muscle, transform, weight)

Fitness App: (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J.....)


When a Goal is selected in the slicer, the visual updates correctly for all Fitness Apps in the dataset. However certain apps are relevant only for certain Goals and I would like to dynamically display only those relevant apps based on the slicer selection.


Here is what the visual looks like now:

Image 8.png


What I am trying to accomplish is to display data for specific "Fitness Apps" based on the Goal Type in the slicer. For example:


Slicer Selection: Goal = event

Result: Display data only for Fitness Apps A, D, F


Slicer Selection: Goal = healthier

Result:  Display data only for Fitness Apps B, G, H


And so on.


Here is a mock-up of what I am trying to do and the three apps in the line chart would dynamically change (based on a pre-defined list) as the slicer selection changes:


Image 9.png

Is this possible? Any recommendations would be appreciated.





Power Participant
Power Participant

What does your table structure look like? Do you have separate tables with joins between Goals and Fitness Apps?


If you do you could try setting the Cross Filter Direction to "Both",

I tried using cross-directional filtering but could not get it to work. I created both long and wide look-up tables (using goal type as a key) that indicated which apps I wanted associated with each goal type but the unwanted apps weren't filtered out. The visual still contained all apps.

Super User
Super User



Share the link from where i can download your PBI desktop file.

Ashish Mathur

Hi Ashish,


Thanks for offering to look at this. The actual visual contains sensitive data so I cannot share it. Would you have any general recommendations I could try?



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