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Help fixing relationships between two tables.

So I have Input table that looks like the following:

Screenshot 2023-02-27 133927.png


I have another table called Labor Detail that has the same exact columns except Predicted with different names.

For example, Department = Home Org Name, Year = FY, Month = PD, Week = Sub Pd

I created a relationship for each column in Input except Predicted. Below is my relationships. 



Now where I am stuck. I have created the table below but it seems "Predicted" value(10) is being added to all the rows. I only want to be in the top row, since that is what input is. How do i fix this. Will I need to create a seperate table called Date and create a relationship from both existing table to that one? Not sure where to go from here.


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

In either data source, Power Query, or DAX calculated column, create a new column that's unique to those 4 columns. Power BI doens't support multiple key relationships, so you'd have to create a key column that defines the grain of your table.


If in Power Query, "Add index" will do.

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