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HTML iFrame not loading website

Hi guys!


We would like to embed one of our internal websites, with the help of an HTML visualization (I tried 3 of them) whose URL looks like an IP address so like http://115.621.612:6001, however, it doesn't load, nor gives back any error messages.

    1. The fact that the page is HTTP and not HTTPS could be the problem ? (It doesn't load an other HTTP page.)
    2. Or not having a dot com ending?
    3. Or maybe the popup login screen?

Thank you in advance for your answer and have a nice day!

Regular Visitor

There could be several reasons why the iFrame is not loading the website.

Firstly, as you mentioned, the website is served over HTTP instead of HTTPS. Many modern browsers block HTTP content when the host page is served over HTTPS for security reasons. To fix this issue, you can try changing the website to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Another possible reason for the iFrame not loading the website could be due to a Same-Origin Policy violation. This happens when the iFrame's parent page and the website being loaded have different origins (e.g., different domain names or protocols). To solve this, you can try adding the "allow-same-origin" attribute to the iFrame tag.

It's also possible that the iFrame is being blocked by the website being loaded due to security reasons. If the website has implemented security features such as Content Security Policy (CSP), it might be blocking the iFrame from loading. In this case, you can try contacting the website's administrator to see if they can whitelist your iFrame URL.

Finally, it's possible that there's an issue with the website itself, such as it being down or unreachable from your network. You can try accessing the website directly in your browser to see if it loads successfully. If it doesn't, you can try contacting your network administrator or the website's administrator to resolve the issue.

Regarding the dot com ending, it's not necessary for a website to have a .com ending to load in an iFrame. As long as the website is accessible from your network and doesn't violate the Same-Origin Policy or any security features, it should load successfully in the iFrame.

The popup login screen should not affect the iFrame's ability to load the website. However, if the login screen is served from a different domain than the website being loaded, it could violate the Same-Origin Policy and cause the iFrame to fail to load.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @PowerDinosaur ,


Please check if the web site you are trying to embed as an iframe allows embedding.


For your reference.

X-Frame-Options - HTTP

Iframe not loading in HTML


Best Regards,

Community Support Team


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Super User
Super User

Hi @PowerDinosaur 


Does the visual you are using support custom port numbers?  The site is using 6001 rather than the standard 443 for HTTPS.


Can you run the intranet site on the standard HTTPS port and try it?  You shouldn't need to explicitly configure 443 on the intranet site, just remove any custom port number and restart the HTTPS service/httpd.





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Super User
Super User

Hi @PowerDinosaur 


Which HTML visual are you using?


Does it say in its documentation that it doesn't support HTTP connections?


Not having a .com domain shouldn't matter.


Even the login scren should at least load if the visual actually supports loading web sites.


Have you sucessfully loaded any site using this visual?





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Hi Phil,

Thank you for your answer!

Now I'm using HTML-content, but I have tried ParaHTML and the HTML&CSS viewer too.

No I haven't found limitations regarding HTTP with HTML-content, with HTML&CSS viewer K Team support said that all of the things, that I mentioned could cause the problem.

When our website was plain "HTTP" then the visual only showed a blank page and a ' "" ' in the top left corner. After that we tried "HTTPS", however we signed it with our own certificate, not with an official one.

With this we got the message: " The website at https://xyz/ appears to be broken or has been permanently moved to a new address ".


I have succesfully loadad many other sites, yes. I could even use dynamic URL filtering with them.


Kind regards,


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