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when a garph is not data, how to remove the axis labels in powerbi.

Can anyone please help me with this


I think i got the solution for my specific case:





View solution in original post


I think i got the solution for my specific case:





@asgar_gormalone , Do put the dax expression and mark it as solution if anyone encounter the same problem/doubt.

@ChiragGarg2512  i have used the advanced function available in text in axis and it worked for my requirement





A measure can be created with if statement also. This can reduce the work getting put into formatting the other values. If statement will return white for blank values and blank for any other values.

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Super User

Hello @asgar_gormalone ,


Switch the titles off in both x-axis and y-axis.




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The axis labels are not dynamic. If the requirement is to remove the labels all together, go to format visual -> X-axis/Y-axis -> Title(off).

in this section only, i found one obtion conditional fomat obtion below:


how can i use measure in the below section in powerbi, suppose i am creating any measure which will count the the rows, and if rows are blank it will show blank and titile will be shown in white colour and if row have data the then measure color will be black



@CaptainCowell  can you please look into it, i think you can help me in this

Yes, that will work. That is great catch.

1) Need to create a measure that will count the number of rows in the data. [measure]

2) Another measure that will work on switch function. 

    For Ex., measure1 = switch([measure], 0, "White")

3) Apply this to conditional formatting in X-axis. {Field value -> Select [measure]}


That is great observation. Nice work @asgar_gormalone 

ok if graph axis is not dynamic like i have specific requirement to remove the axis label, when i am selecting any  filter and not showing any data, which visual is best in this situation

It depends on the output data type. If the output is continous over time, a line visual works. If its going to be just a text/numeric value card visual is great. For comparing value for different categories clustered column chart works well.

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Responsive Resident

Hi @asgar_gormalone ,

remove from filter visual options

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