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Grand Sum Total is "error" and doesnt sum up

Dear Community


I have ridiciouls problem, which I couldnt found out, what exactly the Problem is: I have a calculation as shown below in the picture:



Here are the Measures:

Betrag = SUMX(Tankungen, Tankungen[Liter] * RELATED(Preis[Preis CHF/L]))
Betrag m Rabatt = IF([Kundengruppe] = "C", SUMX(Tankungen, Tankungen[Liter] * RELATED(Preis[Preis CHF/L])),IF([Kundengruppe] IN {"A","B","D"},SUMX(Tankungen, Tankungen[Liter] * (RELATED(Preis[Preis CHF/L])-0.03)), "Fehler"))

I know that "Fehler" comes from the "Fehler" of the measure.  When I am filtering everything looks great:


Does anybody know what I did wrong?


Thanks in advance. 






Super User
Super User

Take into account that grand total doesn't meet this condition

[Kundengruppe] IN {"A","B","D"}

therefore, it will return "Fehler"

That means I can't fix this? Or what should I do instead?

What do you want to show in the grand total?

I want to show the sum grand total of all 4 (A,B,C,D) even If I have the exeption there with "C".

The only thing that cames to my mind is to generate another measure like this:

Betrag m Rabatt2= 
var A= CALCULATE( [Betrag m Rabatt], [Kundengruppe]="A")
var B= CALCULATE( [Betrag m Rabatt], [Kundengruppe]="B")
var C= CALCULATE( [Betrag m Rabatt], [Kundengruppe]="C")
var D= CALCULATE( [Betrag m Rabatt], [Kundengruppe]="D")

return IF([Kundengruppe]="",A+B+C+D, [Betrag m Rabatt])


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