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Getting first and second row from related table

I have a related table (1..*) like this:




In my main table, i want to select the first and second "Name" columns, e.g, this would be my main table:




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @rpm19841 ,


Try to use ALL function

Related1Name = CALCULATE(MAX('Table'[Name]),FILTER(ALL('Table'),[Id]=1))
Related2Name = CALCULATE(MAX('Table'[Name]),FILTER(ALL('Table'),[Id]=2))




Best Regards,

Stephen Tao


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Super User
Super User

@rpm19841 , what is a relationship? do you need it one one side or many side ?


as of now it seems like

first name =  maxx(filter(Table1, Table[ID]=1), Table[NAme])

Second name =  maxx(filter(Table1, Table[ID]=2), Table[NAme])


refer 4 ways to copy data from one table to another

Thanks for helping with this. As i said below though in response to amitchandak , the "Id" column is identity, not the row number. I want the "first" and "second" rows, not the rows with "Id=1" and "Id=2"


In other words, the table could look like this:

Id FK Name
1 100 Foo
2 100 Bar
3 101 Blah
4 101 Paa

So, for FK 100, i want  id's 1 & 2, but for FK 101, i want id's 3&4. So the "first" and "second" row, for each "FK". 

Hi @rpm19841 ,


As you explained, you can try to add an index column in Power Query. Then you can get the 'first/second' row.


If you want to add an index column with the grouping, refer to

Create Row Number for Each Group in Power BI using Power Query




Best Regards,

Stephen Tao


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Hi, i dont see how this is going to help. It's going to order all the rows in the table. I want the first and second row for each FK. The index column as far as i can see will just give all the rows a row number.


Let me try and re-explain it..


Table 1

- Table1Id (PK)

- SomeOtherTableRow1Name -> this is what i want to set

- SomeOtherTableRow2Name -> this is what i want to set


Table 2

- Table2Id (PK)

- Table1Id (FK)

- Name


So there is a 1..* relationship. I'm trying to fill in the data for the main table, with the first and second row for each corresponding "many" set in the other table. Does that make sense?


If i was going to do this in SQL, i would use ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY Table1Id  ORDER BY Table2Id ASC)

The main table is 1, and the table I'm trying to fetch the first and second rows is the "Many".


Table[ID] = 1 won't work, as that'll be the record where ID == 1. I want the "first" record, so i assume there will need to be some TOP/ORDERBY in place?

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