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Filtering on Drill Up Bug?

I have an issue where filters are being cleared when a report is drilled up. Is there a way to get around this? It will be easiest to understand seen visually.


1-Section of report with the defaul view

Default Report ViewDefault Report View


2-Selecting a single year to filter results


Year selected and report filteredYear selected and report filtered


3-Now drill into the filtered year, shows months

Drilled down into year showing monthsDrilled down into year showing months

4 - Drilling back up clears the year filter but leaves the other visuals filtered with no indication as to what they are filtered on

Drill up report still filtered but no indication as to by whatDrill up report still filtered but no indication as to by what

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous

Does "drill into" mean "drill down" in the column chart by click on a single down arrow


If so, i made a test but can't reproduce your problem.

Addtionally, what the "Drilling back up clears the year filter" behaviour mean, does this mean clicking on the upper arrow to drill up?


Best Regards


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Thanks for your willingness to help Maggie.


Yes, drill down. I was right clicking for drill down but arrows produce the same results. I'm attaching a simple example file


  1. Click 2017. 2017 is highlighted and bottom chart highlights on selection
  2. drill into 2017
  3. drill up. highlighting is cleared from top visual, but bottom visual remains highlighted and you can't tell by what.


Hi @Anonymous

I have test as your steps, when I drill up, the top visual turn to all year, but the buttom visual turn to the show data of 2017 highlighted.

I would contact with PG to confirm if it is by design or a bug.

Thank you for raising this problem and I would come back to tell you as soon as I get answer.


Best Regards


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