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Filtering a child table from a parent table

The short question I have is: How do I get a parent table to filter a child table, given that the records in a 'Table' visual are not selectable?


Here's what I have tried:


1- The initial attempt was to have a report with a Parent table, and have a column in it link to another report with multiple children tables. Turns out you can't do that.

2- My alternative solution was to combine the reports into one, and have the Parent table at the top, then selecting a record, to see the Child tables filtered, thus displaying the children of the selected parent record. Turns out creating this direct link was asked in this URL, and the answer was it can't be done

3- The other option I looked into was using a Slicer, but couldn't find a way to have a more-than-one-column slicer (to simulate that Parent table at the top.


Any other ideas to achieve this?



Community Champion
Community Champion

What do you mean by Parent and Child tables here.


Parent -- fact??

Child -- Dimension??

Thanks & Regards,

Love the Self Service BI.
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Thank you for your reply. I meant something like Order - Order Details.



In your scenario, if you have built the relationship between Order table and Order Detail table. The Order Detail table supposed to be cascaded filtered when you filter on Order table. You just need to use Slicer to filter data based on your selection.


but couldn't find a way to have a more-than-one-column slicer


It's correct. We can't have multiple fields in a singer slicer. But you can apply multiple slicers, or you can use custom visuals like Hierarchy Slicer and Attribute Slicer.



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