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Helper II
Helper II

Filter table contents based on combinations of selected values

I have a table which I want to filter based on various combinations of Domiciles, without creating a long IF statement to determine all of the possible combinations - my DAX measure at the moment has VAR for all of the following: "Ghana", "India", "Pakistan" "Rest Of World":


VAR Ghana =
, Domicile[CountryOfDomicile] = "Ghana"


I then have a RETURN statement which is an IF statement, but only adds them together or allows for each individual at a time

SELECTEDVALUE( Domcile[CountryOfDomicile] ) = "India"
, India
, IF(
SELECTEDVALUE(Domcile[CountryOfDomicile] ) = "Ghana"
, Ghana
, IF(
SELECTEDVALUE( Domcile[CountryOfDomicile] ) = "Pakistan"
, Pakistan
, IF(
SELECTEDVALUE( Domcile[CountryOfDomicile]) = "Rest Of World"
, RestOfWorld
, India + Pakistan + Ghana + RestOfWorld


I would like a way to instead have a RETURN which allows for any combinations of the above (eg Ghana + Rest Of World, Ghana + Pakistan etc) depending on the end user's selection in the slicer.


All suggestions gratefully received!

Super User
Super User

@Craines , if Rest of the world is just a value and do have data for it in table, then use measure


If( "Rest Of World" in values(Domicile[CountryOfDomicile]) ,CALCULATE( SELECTEDMEASURE(), all()), SELECTEDMEASURE())



if "Rest of the world" also has data in your table, then only SELECTEDMEASURE() should do

Thank you for replying.

Rest of World is a value, the same as Ghana etc - each row in the table represents an individual, and the domicile field contains one of these values.


The complication is that I want to show the sum of the data according to what the end user selects, which might not just be Ghana or Rest Of World but a combination of these (or any others)

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