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Extract data from PowerBI


Is it possible to extract data from PowerBI desktop or web app ?


I import data from PostGre DB, mashing up, create new columns and measure then design a Dashboard.

Some dashboard helop me to find some particular users in my DB, wich i report as table.


Now i need to extract them into a Excel or CSV file to send another entity.

They are no way to do this ?





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Yes Alexander -


Super easy to get this into excel just publish your BI and choe to access in excel then write cube functions to pull out your data.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Would this R-scripting tip work for you? 


write.table(trim(dataset), file=”your filepath & filename.txt”, sep = “\t”, row.names = FALSE)


There are some limitations outlined on Imke's Biccountant blog.


Hope that helps

Thanks for the suggestion.   The dashboards are shared with our clients so unfortunately the R-Script would not work in this example.  Since this post l have raised a ticket and the PowerBI support team have confirmed what we are seeing is a bug, they are looking at it just now.



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this is basic functionality and without it diminishes the value of the whole product

@milliganI3 - This has been answered in another message:


There are two ways of extracting data. However I do beleive the PBI team are working on other ways also.



An export to Excel button appeared yesterday hidden under the three dots in the top right corner of the report beside the "pin" icon. this exports the current report data to excel. No blog post yet regarding this but there is also now a print dashboard feature as well.

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@kcantor thanks for posting this. I checked over the weekend and the export to excel icon was there. However this morning it seems to have disappeared. Hope it is coming back.

I still have this on my reports.

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I did some testing last night. My personal computer has the export feature, however my work computer when logged in through the corporate internet doesnt not have this feature. It appears as though this is a firewall issue. I have created a hotspot with my phone and now my work laptop has the export feature again.

Hi l am having a similar issue with two of our clients.  The symptoms you describe and the workaround are they still happening as you describe?




Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Thanks for the tip. They obviously released it by accident. Hoping the Export to Excel button may be release in the next update.

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I'm thinking of using Excel [Power Query (2013) or Get & Transform (2016)] to do ETL, then using the Excel file as data source for Power BI.  That way data is still accessible in format that can still be shared.  However, further changes to data structure are not fed back into data model in Excel so it would be a bit clunky.

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Advocate III

We as a company want this feature!!!

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Not sure if you'd want to do this.. The best practice if you plan on using the same merged data set would be to merge it outside of powerbi. Perhaps etl the data into an azure database table... Or better yet a managed data warehouse.

Power bi is great for mashing up data for reporting but it's not the right tool to use if you share data sets.
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Super User

There is currently no way of doing that. There are no export capabilities.

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