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Helper II
Helper II

Employee T/O measures

Hi I need some help - I am doing a dashboard and one of the things I need to do is get the T/O percentage of employees who have resigned by average current employees - this is what I have got so far


Resignation T/O = ([Count Resignations]/[Avg current employees]*100 )  [Count Resignations is the count of employees who have left because they have resigned    
Count Resignations = CALCULATE(
        'Personnel_Records'[Resignation] = 1 &&
        'Personnel_Records'[Leaving Date] > DATE(2021, 1, 1)  and Avg current employees is :
Avg current employees =
            [Current Employees]
I am not sure I have this right and would like some feedback.  Many thanks
Helper I
Helper I

There is an option to show values as %, Did you try that ?


No I couldnt find an option that allows you to change it to percentages

Pls use this option :



Sorry cant find there anywhere

Helper I
Helper I

Looks correct, Did you test with some data ?


Yes I did and I think it is correct only it is not showing as percentages and as I am teaching myself I was not confident I had done it correctly - below is the chart 




Super User
Super User


Without data and the expected results, it a bit hard to propose a solution. any how can you try this and revert.

CountResignations =
    DATE ( 2021, 1, 1 )
        COUNTROWS ( Personnel_Records ),
        'Personnel_Records'[Resignation] = 1,
        'Personnel_Records'[Leaving Date] > _DATE


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Yes I will try this and see if there is a difference thank you

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