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Dynamic Title based on dimension that is not selected

I have multiple dimensions and a central fact tables. Based on selections from three dimensions, there can only be one value in a fourth dimension. I would like to use that dimension for the title. When I do it now, it just picks a value out of that fourth dimension, seemingly at random and not limited by the fact rows that have been selected. Note that there could be multiple rows in the fourth dimension, but they will all have the same value for the field I want to use for the title of the visual.


To be more explicit, say I have Time, Product, Scenario, and Response dimensions. There are slicers for TIme and Product. Each visual selects a single value for the Scenario dimension. Based on this the facts all point to a set of Response dimension rows that have the same value for the Label column in the Response Dimension. I would like to use that value as the title in each visual.


I tried using the field name and creating a measure based on Selected Value. Neither worked properly.

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Here is my full data model:


Here is a zoom in on the part of it related to my question:


Here is the report I am trying to create:


On the left is a slicer that has Client Name and Program Name. Once a program is selected, it limits the facts to just that program. There are nine pie charts that summarize the field FactValue from ResponseFacts. The OptionValue comes from the MultiSelectOptions table. Each visual has a filter on the RubricCategories Sequence field. The fist one selects Sequence of 1, the second one selects a Sequence of 2, and so on. I want to set the title of each visual to be the corresponding Label column from Rubric Categories. But nothing I have done seems to give me this. It seems to select a random value from that table.


Does that help?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @MichaelWacey 

Textual descriptions are always abstract, I know you want to implement dynamic headers but not sure about your table structure. Can you share pbix files without sensitive data, tables and other related information to help solve your problem faster.

Best Regards,
Community Support Team


Thanks for your feedback. I did not include pictures/.pbix file because I thought it might clutter things up. But, I can do that. My tables are all dynamic so I assume that the .PBIX file does not have any data in it. I will make a post with some specific pictures and include the PBIX file.

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