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Dynamic DATESINPERIOD function

Hi, I have an SSAS Tabular cube which feeds most of my PBI Desktop Reports.

I am trying to build a measure which compares the selected period in a date filter with the same period prior (in days)


For example, if a user selects 10-June-2020 to 13-June-2020, it will calculate the measure for the 3 days prior (as there are 3 days between the dates)

I have wrote the below DAX however it is just bringing me 0 each time which i know isn't correct - can anyone advise me how to resolve this please?

Many thanks!

TEST2:= CALCULATE('Productivity Advice'[Advice Actions],DATESINPERIOD('Calendar'[CleanDate],dateadd(FIRSTDATE('Calendar'[CleanDate]),-DATEDIFF(FIRSTDATE('Calendar'[CleanDate]),LASTDATE('Calendar'[CleanDate]),day),day), DATEDIFF(FIRSTDATE('Calendar'[CleanDate]),LASTDATE('Calendar'[CleanDate]),day),day))

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Hi, my bad sorry - I had a filter applied which was causing the zero

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Hi, my bad sorry - I had a filter applied which was causing the zero

Hi @Anonymous ,

So this issue is caused by the filter and you have solved it by clearing the filter yourself right?

If so, you can accept the suitable reply as a solution to help others find it more quickly and close this isse, glad to hear that the issue is solved. If not, you can post more information here to let us better to help you to solve this issue.


Best Regards,
Yingjie Li

If this post helps then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly.

Super User
Super User

@Anonymous , Can try something like this


Rolling 3 day = CALCULATE(sum(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],MAX(Sales[Sales Date]),-3,Day))

Rolling 3 day = CALCULATE(sum(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],MAX('Date'[Date]),-3,Day))


Date is my calendar Table

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Hi this works fine for a static 3 day period however I want it to be dynamic so if the number of days between the selected dates is 14 for example, it would show the data from the period 14 days.

@Anonymous ,


you can replace it with what-if parameter ?


Rolling 3 day = CALCULATE(sum(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],MAX(Sales[Sales Date]),-1* selectedvalues(param[param]),Day))


Rolling 3 day = CALCULATE(sum(Sales[Sales Amount]),DATESINPERIOD('Date'[Date],MAX('Date'[Date]),-1* selectedvalues(param[param]),Day))


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