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Drill through with a slicer selection?



I have one page with a slicer that filters the page by project name, and a button which I want to drill through to another page that will be filtered by the slicer selection from the original page. See screenshot below: Capture.PNGWhen I choose the project, the Button does not activate... it stays greyed out. If I select the project name in one of the other visuals besides the slicer, the button activates, and I can drill through to the designated page.

Is there a way I can get it to activate with the slicer selection, or a workaround which would allow me to achieve the desired functionality?

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I might be a bit late to the party but I have a work around to mimic drill through buttons!


On my dashboard I have 3 drill through buttons, 2 of which are drill through and the 3rd is fake.


Drill through buttons when you have no data selected for them are considered disabled and change their appearance. On the fake button, using isfiltered(), I mimic'd the disabled colours using a measure like so: 

Filtered - COLUMNNAME - TextColours = if(ISFILTERED(TABLENAME[COLUMNNAME]), "#605E5C", "#B3B0AD")

 You need to set the icon colour, text colour and border colour conditional formatting to use the above measure. This puts the colours to the default disabled colours of a button and then active colours when a column is filtered.


Set the action of the button to "page navigation" and add destination conditional formatting to a measure like this:


This "disables" the button is the column is not filtered... it is clickable but nothing happens until the slicer is filtered.



Finally set the "drill through" page to keep any filters you need to have and remove the ones you don't ie don't select keep all fitlers...Learnt that the hard way😑.



There are some downsides to this way: no right click drill through on the slicer sadly and it can be tidious to replicate. 

Also I am using the "new" slicers as of April 2024 version of PowerBi and haven't tested this with other visuals / slicers.

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Since this is an ongoing battle.... I found a way to do this!  I created a button that moved from page to page, and I made sure there was a filter on both pages (making sure they are synced).  Then, on the drillthrough page, in the selection pane, I hide the slicer.  That way it is there and syncing with the previous page, but not being shown.  This is the only way I've found to do this!

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Community Support

Hi , @Anonymous 

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@Anonymous what button? Like a button, button? I don't see a button in your picture.

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@Greg_Deckler The highlighted "Raid Summary"on the left is a button with the drill-through (preview) action selected. It is greyed out as it is in the picture unless I click on one of the Project Names in a table visual I have not pictured. If I choose a Project Name in the slicer (like "Construction Management Funding" pictured) the button remains greyed out... I need it to become active when I make the slicer selection. Thanks!

Hi , @Anonymous 

After my research, I'm afraid it couldn't achieve based on Power BI  slicer now.


The bookmark button with the selection pane may achieve the effect  similar to the button activation, but it does not support matching with the slicer.  And it requires you to create a separate button for each  Project Name in the slicer.


For your requirement , you can come up with a new idea and add your comments there to make this feature coming sooner.


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Eason

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