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Helper III
Helper III

Drill through to details page from several cards

Hi, Thank you so much for your time,
I have this scenario where i show the cards and there are around 9 cards that display the measures of counts like count of ticket numbers that are open - 1 card for open, count of ticket numbers that are closed - 1 card for closed and so on... each card shows the numbers that are measures...


Say Card Open Tickets - is showing 250 , Card Closed Tickets - is showing 450, Card Emergency Tickets - 100
I do not want to build a separate drill through page for each it will be like 9 different pages for each status or for each measure... any suggestions on how i address this with one page which includes all the measures, all the columns that are required to present at the details level - any help is really appreciated


My Data model is very simple - 1 table with all data and i created 1 measures table just to include the measures


still researching but any help please...really appreciate your time... I just want to do 9 different pages


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Raj007 ,

Could you pls show  a sample ? Remember to remove confidential data.


Best Regards


Hi, for some reason i do not see the option of attaching the files

Helper III
Helper III

Hi, i forogot to mention something about the measures that i use on the cards

say for example; Open Tickets 500   - CALCULATE(distinctcount(TicketNumber),FILTER(TicketsTable,TicketstTable[State]="Open"))


i have the same approach for other measures on the cards - still researching

looks like when i use the measure in the details page drill through it will not pass the filter that i used in the CALCULATE function - any suggestions on the best possible solution for me



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