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Don't execute query until user enters value


Trying to build a lookup and data request report in Power BI whereby the end user enters an account number, this is then passed to the data query, and results are then returned. So nothing is displayed/loaded, until the query receives end user input. 

Working with Snowflake and Python Scripts in Jupyter Hub. 

Ideally the tool will query Snowflake with the end user's entered parameter value, then have the option to "Get Full Account Info" - I would ideally like this to then trigger a python script which goes to multiple tables and gets data where account number = user value. 

Hope this makes some sense, please let me know if you need more information - probably a simple thing I'm sure, but honestly not confident Power BI is the tool for this either!



New Member

Hi @lbendlin 

Thanks for your response.  

The requirements have changed for this, struggling to find anything online about so probably PBI still not the right tool. But here goes...

Report where I have a direct query setup, but that direct query doesn't trigger until the user enters a value? This value is then used to filter the direct query results at the point it triggers.


Hope this makes sense. 

Thanks again

Now you are describing the default behavior of Direct Query.  You can even go a step further.


Dynamic M query parameters in Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

This is exactly what I needed, but it's only available on desktop according to that documentation 😭

no, that's just where you set it up.  It will function in the service as well.

Super User
Super User

yeah, this is pretty much the opposite of what Power BI is about.  Try Power Automate or some other tool.   What have you used before?

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