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Does PowerBI Dashboard Break While AAS Model is Refreshing?

Hello, I have some large tables that take quite a bit of time to refresh (+7 hours). If I refresh the AAS model (via SSMS or Visual Studio) containing these tables, will that affect end-users' dashboards throughout the duration of the refresh?

Will PowerBI know that a refresh is happening? Does it cache data until the refresh process is complete?

I'm trying to figure out if it's okay to do an AAS Deploy at any time in the day, or if it's best to wait until EOB when end-users are not actively working with the data? Will end-users get an error on their end if they are editing visuals while the refresh/deploy is happening?


I inadvertently tested this today and my test PBI dashboard did not refresh until I hit "Refresh". I'm wondering if someone  hits "Refresh" while AAS is updating, what will happen?



Super User
Super User

@mariah-pg , I am assuming AAS refresh is happing at AAS. At that time does AAS allow query the data, if yes then power will get data(hoping live connection) . Ideally incremental should be done at day end.


For dashboard, you can schedule as refresh.


for more , need info like , where refresh is happing, connection type in power bi

Hi @amitchandak , thank you for the response and info! 


Hm.. where are other places for AAS refresh to happen? I use ADF/SSMS/VS to refresh/deploy updates/new data. Are there other ways to refresh AAS?


Your statement is my question (thank you for articulating it!) - does AAS allow data queries while refresh is happening? If so, is that data the old data, the new data, or both?


Yes, I agree incremental is ideal, but the data doesnt have a partition. Are there other ways to do incremental loads?


More details:

Yes, Power BI is connecting to the data in AAS via Live Connection.

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