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Direct Query adding curly brackets to Test GUID Field

I had a source table that was IMPORT mode and took it out and reloaded as DIRECT.


The GUID text field for My Item ID field started getting a Curly Bracket {} added around it. 

Now that field doesnt join to my Item table.


When I go to Edit Query I dont see the Brackets. But in my report and data view on Desktop I see the brackets.


I found one article on google about this but the question never got answered.

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I fixed this by forcing the unique value column to be text in Power Query. In fact it was yet text, but I added a new step "changing" it's type to text. 

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I encountered the same problem and in my case I realised that once I converted a field to date in the table where I had my UUID, PowerBI no longer identified the UUID as an ID with the curly brackets but kept is as normal text, so I simply added an arbirtrary date field which I do not use in my table where I had the brackets on the UUID table and it worked. Hope it helps!

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@Anonymous @jxu @d_gosbell I am experiencing the same problem. Did you report this as a bug? Or found a workaround? I will also try your suggestion d_gosbell

I never had a model that reproduced this issue so I was just suggesting some options. Without being able to reproduce the issue it's pretty hard to figure out what the root cause might be

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I've just stumbled across the same issue, I was using a GUID as a relationship and I couldn't figure out why the filtering wasn't working! So annoying! I've literally got 2 files with identical queries in them producing different results.


Has this been reported as a bug? I'd like to endorse it if possible...

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I encountered the same issue. Hope that it can be resolved shortly.



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This does look a bit like a bug. My guess would be that in Direct Query mode the conversion from Guid to Text is done in a different layer, while in import mode it's done by the PowerQuery engine. 

The only quick fix I can think of is to force the formatting to be consistent. Probably the best thing for performance would be to add the { } braces around the guids in the import table. Or you could use a view for you direct query source and do a "CAST( guidcol as VARCHAR(50))" in that view to force SQL Server to do the conversion to text (which does not include curly braces). The down side of this is that it has to do that conversion for every query.

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