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Default Users to Their Operating Units without Limiting what they can see

I am working on a number of datasets where I want to default users to the operating units they oversee without limiting them to just that one unit.


For example, when Joe in Miami clicks on a report, Joe should see just Miami's results. But, Joe should be able to see the overall organization's results as well.


Most of our employees are associated with just 1 operating unit.

Some are in charge of groups which have 6-10 operating units.

And some have organinzational responsibilities and have all operating units.


I have a table that lists all of the employee's along with the operating unit(s) within their purview. I understand how i could use row level security to limit their access. But, I just want to default them to their unit(s) without limiting their access. 

Super User
Super User

Hello, I have done exactly this in a suite of reports. There was a incredibly complex solution I found on here somewhere but the easiest was just to make sure the persistent were enabled. That way PBI service retains the filters set by each user when they login. Depending on the number of different users and requirements, you can also save as for each user group, set filters to whatever you want and not enable persistenmt filters but that seems a bit over the top.



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I can see how that would be effective for each individual report. I also want to take visuals from 5 datasets and create a dashboard. Again at the dashboard level, I would like the user to see just their operating unit(s). It seems like something more than enabling persistent filters would be needed to get the dashboard to default them to their operating unit(s).

Yeah, you will come unstuck at the dashboard level. No persistent filters there. You can pin live pages and frankenstein up some awnsers but i get thats a bit over the top. I have done some repointing of links with URLS to operating areas reports and its sort of successful but i think more work than it should be. I feel like its a real weakness but get that there is heaps more other stuff thats probably more important to dev.


// if this is a solution please mark as such. Kudos always appreciated.

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