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Helper I
Helper I

Date Table Issues

Hi there. I'm very new to powerbi and have watched the tutorials, but I'm stuck. I created a Total Retail column chart with the date on the axis. My data is from Nov 2021 - Feb 2022 and I created a separate date table so that I can drill down from Year, Qtr, month and day, but when you look at the table from the month layer the order is off. It shows Dec, Nov, Feb, Jan in this order even when I sort the axis by month in descending order. Also, when I go down to the day level, the axis only shows numbers 1-31. What am I doing wrong? I've been scouring the internet for answers. Please help Screenshot 2022-03-17 112120.jpg

Community Champion
Community Champion

As regards the days 1-31, you are probabling using a field which is the day of month number. If you need actuals dates, use the date field

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Hello, couple of things to check as the days 1-31 sounds odd.


1. are the dates on the x axis from the date table and not from the fact table? 

2. click on the elipses on the visual and check that the order is being done by date and not some other field?


try just bringing in the calendar date field from the date table on to the x axis and PBI will turn it into a Yr/Qtr/Mon/Date for you.



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1. I originally used the dates on the x axis from the date table

2. I checked and the order is being done by the date


I fixed the 1-31 issue by just using the date from the fact table, so I am using both Dates from Date table and fact table because date from fact table doesn't break down my dates into years, qtr, months. However, the order of the month is still off. 


Thank you for trying to help

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