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Resolver I

Data refresh crashes and immediately disappears



My data refresh encounters an error, but the window disappears immediately afterwards, so it's impossible to troubleshoot the queries.

Also, refreshing each table individually results in no error for any of the tables, it only crashes when using the refresh button in the ribbon.

New Member

I am experiencing this on several PBIX files. Rolling back to May 2022 update did the trick. Not sure if any of the versions between that and the latest work fine. You can find previous desktop versions here:


but once you have opened the dashboard in new version it doesnt open in old version anymore.


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Can you let us know if you find a solution? I am having the same issue.

I can refresh tables individually but I have quite a few, so it can be very time consuming.

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Hi vincentnoot 


I am having the same problem. Has it solved for you?





@vincentnoot @Anonymous I have same issue recently and finally found the root cause by spending lots of time.


My issue was I deleted an uneccessary table and raw data files but still reference M query to make a function (fx) was existing.

Once I deleted it, everything has been fine.


Guessing the function referred to the sample file parameter to load the data, however the file couldn't be found cause an error. And then Power BI should show an error but the frontend table has also already gone that made unable to show a proper error message.


If your issue is different with me, guessing it may related with relationship between active and deleted table/column, because I tested by disabling data refresh to all the tables but still same symptom occurred, thus active table would not be a root cause.


I believe this is a Power BI desktop bug as I didn't experience this issue before, anyways...

May the force be with you.



I haven't really solved it. I manually refreshed all tables and uploaded it to the Power BI Service. It now seems to refresh fine in there, so I'll just try not to touch it until this gets solved.

Resolver I
Resolver I

To supply some more information: 

  • Other dashboards using the same data sources run without any issues. 
  • Older versions (that worked fine in the past) of the dashboard have the same issue
  • Clearing all source permissions doesn't work
  • Clearing all caches doesn't work
  • The dashboard also won't refresh in the Power BI service


Any ideas for how to trouble-shoot or solve this issue?

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Mine is solved too. I found colume names of one of my data source were altered. @Sashimi is probabally correct about it's a bug.

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