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Data Visualisation with table and a single-select slicer

Hello everyone,

I'm hoping you could help me with a problem I have in my report. I'm new to Power BI in general so maybe I'm missing something.


I have a report / dashboard consisting of 3 distinct views - dashboard style Welcome screen, report Overview with all items available in the data driving tree maps and a table visual, and then a Details screen with text wrappers driven by slicers.


All of these work great separately but I've been asked to look into a solution where selection made on the table automatically updates the slicer selection in the Details screen. I tried replacing the table with another slicer but that didn't work as multiple selections don't work in the Details screen and single selections make the tree maps useless.


I've attached a few screenshots.


Details Page.png




Please help...


Thanks for reading...

Super User
Super User

Use the filter pane as it is intended to be used ("filter on all pages")  or use synchronized slicers on the affected pages.

Thanks for the reply.


I have synchronised slicers to select project names for the "details" pages (there are two of them) and the filters aren't "interactive" enough as I also need to get the table to show the list of items filtered by a date slicer, which is in turn synced with the other two pages.


The original idea was to have a list of projects in a table, slicer with dates when submissions were made, tree maps to visualise status updates. Selection on a tree map then filters the table, table selection filters the tree maps.

The second part of the report is the update details where two slicers let users view updates based on project name (same as the table in the first screen) and date (synced slicer that matches selection in the first screen).


The users are asking for a way to select a record in the table and then view the details without having to change the slicer on the detail pages.



The map above should make a bit more sense of all of this. It doesn't have to drive the slicer (I can hide it and add a button to show it if someone wants to change the project manually). Any ideas are welcome.




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