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Advocate II
Advocate II

DAX formula bar expand/collapse arrow bug?

hi all,

I'm finding the DAX formula bar behaviour annoying, even buggy! Certainly disruptive to my flow of work when building reports/visuals.


When I have a DAX table, and I expand the fields list on the right, the DAX formula for the table expands. This in itself is annoying, because all I want to do is add a field to a visual or to the page, but with the table formula expanded, I can no longer see the visual. Further, the expanded formula has its expand/collapse arrow pointing DOWN, as if I should click it to SHOW the formula, but the formula is already showing. I then click the down arrow, and the only effect of this is the arrow changes to UP but the formula still stays there. Then I click the UP arrow again and the formula collapses as it should. So, whenever I expand the fields list of a DAX table, I always have to click the DOWN/UP arrow on the DAX formula TWICE to make it collapse after it auto-expands. Screenshots below show the sequence.


Note that a similar thing happens in "Data" view ... click the table and its DAX formula expands, but the up/down arrow is poining "down" indicating the code can be expanded, but it is already expanded, and it has to be clicked TWICE to collapse it.


Is this what everyone else is seeing? Should this be fixed??



Screen shots ... (link to dropbox .. can't enter images here because I don't know why!!?!?!?!?!) 


Community Support
Community Support

HI @rbbi,

Yes, sometimes DAX formula bar dock layout looks trouble when you collapse and expand. I'd like to suggest you can submit or vote similar ideas to improve dax editor.


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Super User
Super User

Click outside the Visualization area. Anywhere on the filter field pane. It will close. That is only given small or big height. As the formula is big it might remain the same.

thanks for the suggestion @amitchandak , I have noticed this works sometimes, but not always. Very often the filter pane is completely covered by the DAX formula. Other times clicking on the report surface, as you suggest, has no effect at all.

Even if this did work, it is hardly a solution to the problem ...

(a) how is this intuitive or reasonable/expected behaviour??? this is the process ... click the fields list .. formula expands .. we are supposed to somehow guess that clicking on the report surface collapses the DAX formula?

(b) this is the bug: the DAX formula is expanded already (after expanding the fields), but the expand/collapse UP/DOWN arrow is in the DOWN state, indicating that it can be clicked to expand the DAX formula, which is already expanded. Clicking DOWN then does nothing except change the the arrow to point UP

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