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Helper II
Helper II

Custom Visuals do not show up in desktop

I have the latest version (september) and generally, I cannot see any custom visual after having succesfully downloaded them. If I repeat the import, I get the message it already exists. However, if I want to delete a visual, there is none.
However, intermittently they do did pop up. If I use them and upload it to the service and close the report in the desktop, they do show up on the web. However, only after some time. 

Then, after reopening the pbix in the desktop I get errors and the custom visual are gone.


What is going on?


Btw, I'm not using a proxy.




Were you able to import the custom visual in previous version and only failed in current Sep version? Did you download the custom visuals from here and none of them could be seen in PBI Desktop after imported? Have you tried to uninstall (be certain that the files under PBI Program and AppDate are deleted properly after uninstall) and reinstall the latest PBI Desktop? If possible, could you please try in a different network environment to see if this issue persists? At last, you can try to run a fiddler trace and import the custom visual while fiddler is running.


Best Regards,


Yes. That is where they came from. I did not use them in the previous desktop version.
So, while they simply do not show up at all, after saving the pbix an reopening it, the software reports an error. Then I tried two others with no result. This time it caused 3 errors.
I decided to try it in the webservice so I published the report. After opening it on the web, after a while suddenly the three visual appeared! Going to the desktop software, the pbix now also shows three visuals. It seems publishing triggered the correct proces....



I’m still not be able to repro this issue here. But I find some others have similar issue as you. I think you can upload the screenshots and .pbix file to some online file share service like OneDrive, and post comment here. The PBI team has already been aware of this problem and need more specific information about it.


Best Regards,


As I wrote above, after having published it, the three did appear. Thus it is unlikely that that you will see three missing visuals now.


Btw, my data has a medical research background. Onedrive, dropbox etc are a big nono.  Lastly, I reverted to the august version because the latest version screwed my excel source files. So I did not use the latest version. Could that be a lead to work on? 



I found that there was an similar issue opened internally for the Aug 2016 Release (Not repro with the Jul 2016 Release): When customers import custom visuals from PBI Desktop, their visuals are not added to the visualizations pane.


This issue is still in Active state now. I think you can try it later after PBI team resolve it. And now you can use the workaround (publish the report firstly) to make the custom visuals shown in PBI Desktop. I also suggest to add comment here to let PBI team know about it.


Best Regards,


I will check if it also happens in the august version



What about the result in Aug version?


Best Regards,


I will report back when I finish my dashboard duties today.

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