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Helper I
Helper I

Cross report filter


I´m creating a number of reports that I want to "tie" together using cross report drillthrough. My reports are all based on the same OLAP cube and are working fine individually. However I have the following issue setting up the drillthrough;


I have a visual that contains the measure "Amount". The visual is filtered on the dimension "Managerial hierarchy", using the new filter pane (visual level filter). As a result, the visual now contains an "is not...." filter. This is a standard filter, that I´ve hidden from my end users.

Now I want my end users to be able to filter on the same dimension (Managerial hierarchy). I´ve implemented this by using a page level filter using the new filter pane. This works. 

However when drilling through to my target report, I see strange behaviour. Logically 2 filters are passed through to the target report;

- Managarial level; "Is not...."

- Managerial level; as choosen by user

The result is that only the first filter is taken into account. The "Is not..." filter is overriding the filter choosen by the user. Power BI filters correctly on my initial page, but doesn´t do this on the target page. 

Does anybody know if I´m doing something wrong here? Is this a bug?

I´ve also tried it with a slicer, but the same result.

Any help will be much appreciated!


Helper I
Helper I

After some more checking it seems that the target page doesn´t always refresh. So I see the filter being passed through, but the data are not refreshing. When I hit the refresh button, the data are filtered correctly. I´ve tried multiple browsers and the behaviour is the same. Is this a bug or does this maybe have something to do with our cubes?


I see the same issue today. Could you pls share the link that you have opened in Idea forum? I beleive this is a bug and should be treated accordingly.

Hi Krishna,

This is the idea that I posted;


I actually thought they fixed it, but aparently not 😞

Kind regards,


This was resolved and should be available to all customers mid August.

Hi @GuustD ,

Based on my test, I haven't met a similar problem, this problem should not be related to your cubes, I would suggest you opening a feedback in

Best Regards,


Thanks for your respons Teige. Is it common practice to mark your answer as the solution now? I have posted my idea so hopefully someone from the Power BI team will get back to me.

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