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Creating a new table and use in visual not getting filtered

I created a new table where I grouped entries in the original data source, then I used this table in a filter. Now I have a slicer and am using this slicer in my page, and it's filtering all other visuals except for this visual that is using the table in its values. Is this normal? How can we fix it?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @DevM01 ,


Do you have an active relationship between these table?

Please try to create a relationship with 'year' column and see if the problem was solved.


Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Jay
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Maybe the is nothing to filter ? You could create another visual (not the pie chart) to check what the details of the pie chart and see if its wrong or not.


Without some details and pictures i wont be able to help anymore. Bacause of the lack of info and details I am basically guessing what the problem can be

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Sorry dont get it


My simple table




My PieChart




You want slicers ?



Hi @Anonymous I have a slicer already for the year, to filter years. Now when I filter based on the years, it filters other visuals on the page, but it doesn't filter the visual I created from the new table. 

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Then i think we would more info.

Your data model and some sample data would help


@Anonymous So my data model includes these values: 

AccountID, Region, Budget, Year

Account ID is not unique, so it can be repeated. I want to group by all account IDs, then show a pie chart representing all regions. So what I did was creating a table with this formula: 


NewRegions = GROUPBY(reqs, reqs[AccountID], reqs[Region])

This gave me a table with all regions grouped by account ID. I added this to a pie chart where legend = Region and Values = Count of Region


I think it's not filtering because I didn't include the year with the GROUPBY formula since my new table doesn't include a year column, so I changed my formula to this: 



NewRegions = GROUPBY(reqs, reqs[AccountID], reqs[Region], reqs[Year])


But it didn't work as well with the filtering, moreover the data coming like this is wrong, since I have around 3 entries for each AccountID and now I have the number of records X 3. 



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Select the visual from which you are selecting

Go To Format in your Ribbon

Select Edit interactions

If the stop sign is turned on the interaction between the visuals is disabled. Enable it

@Anonymous which visual? the slicer or the visual where I have the table? I selected both, and disabled the stop sign on both, nothing happened. 

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