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Create relationships for one long dataset


I am new to Power BI so I have watched some videos on creating realtionships but I haven't been able to get it to work so thought I would try to ask in here. 


I have one long dataset with the columns:

"ID", "Question", "Answer", "Count"


The "Question" column contains 50 questions that have been asked to each "IDs" and their answer is recorded in the "Answer" column and the "Count" column counts the number of times the answer recorded in "Answer" is present for that specific question across IDs. Since there are 50 qustions and 20 respondents, the lenght of the table is 1000 rows.  I want to create a relationship so the answer to one of the questions filters the graphs for other questions. E.g., one of the questions asks what income bracket the respondent belongs to while another asks them which state they are located in. I can create two different graphs that show the number of people located in each of the states and the number of people in each of the distinct income brackets, but I want to create a realtionship so when I in the income bracket chart press on the column with the income bracket 100k-200k, it highlights in the locations chart where the people are located that are in the income bracket 100k-200k. 

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Super User


I think all you are trying to accomplish is covered in the DAX Patterns article on Survey:

You would be able to create the various tables using PowerQuery to feed into your model.


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