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Count Multiple conditions: DAX

Hi, this my first post in this forum. I have been searching for a solution all day but no luck. Below is my question

- On a table I have a column called 'sector' that categorises customers to the sectors they work in (eg banking, Financial services....)

- The second column called 'Payment made', indicates whether the customer has made payment ('Yes' if they have and 'No' if they have not)


Question: I want to count for the condition the amount of people that have made payments in each sector, and ultimately plot this measure on the graph.


I already have a graph that generally displays the number of customers in each sector whether they have paid or not. I would like to combine the filtered graph from the new measure above, so that I can compare the total customers in each sector vs. the customers that have paid in this sector.


Please I would really appreciate a solution to this. Thank you 

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 Hola de nuevo.. todo bien pero ahora quiero añadir una tarjeta en la que me sume el total de las visitas que son 0 y no consigo hacerlo.

¿cómo poner en una tarjeta la suma de clientes no visitados o que el valor de la medida es 0?

Grácias de nuevo

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Super User

@TadeAde2020 , There a few ways. You can use slicers and visual or page level filter


You can use the filter in calculate of X functions

In calculate

Calculate(count(A[B]), A[payment]="Yes", filter2, filter3)

All these filter are and

Calculate(count(A[B]), filter(A, A[payment]="Yes" && A[Mode] = "ABC")


Here you can use && (and) || (Or), the tables should be joined which you are using


If they are not joined, refer


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Super User

A table/sample data would be helpful. But the below pseudo code would be how I would approach it with the limited knowledge of what you have:

Total Count =
        sometable[field1] = "this"
            && sometable[field2] = "that"


&& does AND. You can just keep adding other conditions. 

Change it to || if you want it to be an OR comparison.


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