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Helper III
Helper III

Count IDs by minimum value for the category - must be dynamic!

Riddle me this!

I am trying to count the number of people by their closest building - so distinct count of people is 2,061, distinct count of buildings is 7. I have mapped the distance of every person to each building by KM and Miles (file contains 14,427 rows). I need to be able to see the number of people by their closest building - but this needs to be a dynamic measure as I want to be able to unselect a building and have it recalculate all people to their next nearest building. 

So I want to be able to count the total number of people by their closest building in a bar chart. 

Eg Person 1 closest building is A, then A is removed from the filter, so their next closest is E and they will be counted with that building, then if E is removed theyll go to D etc etc. 

Any ideas of how to do this in a measure? @Greg_Deckler can you help? 
@GuyInACube any ideas for this problem? 

Link to PBIX download here 
Number of people per building.pbix

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Super User

Super User
Super User


see attached

Hello Ibendlin, thanks so much for your help, I am wondering if you can assist again please? 

I have added in a new column for travel time in to the table,
(Less than 30 mins, 30mins -1 hour, 1-1.5 hours, 1.5-2 hours, more than 2 hours). 

this is for each row, each person distince to building and travel time. 

How can I adjust the code so that I can dynamically show the number of persons by their travel time? 
They still need to have been sorted by their closest building.... 🤔


Thanks 🤞

You can adjust the DAX to swap out the distance for the time - after you put the time column into a usable (countable) format. Right now it is an inconsistent, unusable mess.

Thank you! This is exactly what I needed! 🎉

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