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Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Convert Calculated Column into Dax Measure (IF vs Switch)

Hi all


I have a calculated column which gives the correct result; however, it's making my model very heavy in size, therefore I'd like to optimize it with Dax. 


I am using 2 alternatives in dax to eliminate the calculated column. 


First option is nested IFs and the second one is Switch & True.  What I have noticed is that IF is very slow compared to Switch.


As seen below, the Year 1 matches row by row but the totals for the IF measure, Switch measure and Calculated Column.




For year 2:





For the IF the results row by row are ok, but the total is incorrect. The Switch measure is incorrect in both rows and total.


How can I have both the IF and Switch return the correct values per row and the total too for year 2? The correct result is the calculated column.


I attach a sample PBIX and xls to make it easier.








Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

As an update, I changed in the relationship direction to "both" instead of "single" and now the results row by row seem ok.


The only thing I would need help is in getting the total value correct.


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