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Conditionally Rolling up values from a column based on another column (Non-M approach)

I have two tables (below) related by Group ID. Table one is a list of users belonging to groups. Their roles are indicated by the [Role] column. I would like to take and roll up the values from [Person Name] by [GroupID], also filtering by [Role]="GH" . The second table would be the desired result. I can do this in M by filtering Table, joining it to 2, and Grouping By. HOWEVER, I also need a column that rollus up [Role]=RWs and duplicating the large table to join it twice doesn't make sense. I imagine there is a way to do this both in DAX (ConcatenateX) and more efficiently in M. TIA


GroupID  |  Role  |   Person Name


340                GH              Joe Smith

340                GH            Tim Grogan

340                RW           Jenny Slate

240                GH             Barbara Wexham

240                 GH               Jimmy Neutron





GroupID  | Person Name

340                Joe Smith;Tim Grogan; Barbara Wexham

240                Jimmy Neutron


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Solution Sage

Screen Capture #263.png

Sample PBIX file attached

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