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Conditional formatting for multiple columns with text values and numbers

Hello everyone.


I'm quite new in Power Bi and trying to get one type of formatting working.

I have a table with 10K+ rows and around 30+ columns. Most of the columns are week of the year, but in month format (Like 7-Jan, 14-Jan, etc). It also means, that report is live and have to be updated every week by refreshing updated data from excel. 


I'm putting below a picture with example. 

Row dataRow data





Lets say I have ships, which are going to sea from time to time. It's showed by numbers - how many trips they did.

They also go sometimes to sea in repair status, or sitting at dock with repair status. I have "R" for this.


I want to highlight all "R"s and also have possibility to sum totals at the right and bottom. 









Appreciate any help.





Your week columns should be unpivoted in your query, and you should add a Date table to your model (if not already).  You can then use the week column from your Date table, and  this would let you apply conditional formatting (SEARCH for "R") to the measure that would go in the values area (as well as more easily do your other analyses).  The matrix would give you your row/column/grand totals.


If this works for you, please mark it as the solution.  Kudos are appreciated too.  Please let me know if not.



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Super User

@ATsyurin , Create a measure like this . And use that with field option under conditional formatting


color =
switch ( true(),
FIRSTNONBLANK(Table[commodity],"NA") ="commodity1" && sum(Table[Value]) >500,"lightgreen",
FIRSTNONBLANK(Table[commodity],"NA") ="commodity2" && sum(Table[Value]) >1000,"lightgreen",
/// Add more conditions


refer Color Measure - Conditional formatting

@amitchandak, thanks for quick reply.


Not sure if that measure will help to highlight cells, containing "R". 

All examples in web I saw, contains only 1 column, where cells could be highlighted based on their values. Is there a way to do it for miltiple columns in 1 batch? I have weeks year to date, which will be constantly updated.


I have no issues to make this in vba in excel, but moving thisng to PBi create difficulties...



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