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Helper I
Helper I

Conditional column based on different rows (same Person_ID)

I want a list of patients that take 2 (Or more) medication types at the same time.  The table would be;


Name                     Benzos____________Opioids___________Medication

Patient A                 Y                               N                         Xanax

Patient B                 Y                               N                         Xanax

Patient C                 Y                               N                         Xanax

Patient C                 N                              Y                         Lortab

Patient D                N                               Y                          Lortab

Patient E                Y                                N                         Xanax

Patient E                N                               Y                          Hydrocodone



Ideally, my visual would only display Patient C and Patient E (Those patients that had both a Benzo and Opioid medication, although different rows).  I can't group by--as that will break the rest of my report.  If I try a new Conditional Column (Or custom column with an IF statement), since it evaluates row by row without grouping by Patient--I end up with the same issue.  Thanks for any help!

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Why don't you create a measure for Medication # = DISTINCTCOUNT(Table[Medication]) and use this as a Visual Level filter greater than 2? If your visual has other dimensions which breaks the group by, you could ignore those as well:

Medication # Name Level =
    DISTINCTCOUNT ( Table[Medication] ),
    ALLEXCEPT ( Table, Table[Name] )


If they have two opiods, wouldn't that still appear?  IE 


Patient A               Lortab 1

Patient A               Lortab 2


MedicationCount > 2 would be satisfied?  I"m needing the specific combination of a benzo + opioid

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