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Comparison Line chart based on slicer with measuees

Hello all, 


I'm quite new to Power BI and need help with the following issue:

I have made a page to compare invoiced revenue and actual revenue. I have a line chart that shows both values. However, there may be extra revenue on the actual revenue. I have made two measures: Total Actual Revenue & Total Actual Revenue including extra revenue. In the line chart is only shows the invoiced revenue and Total Actual Revenue. Sometimes I also need to compare the invoiced revenue with the actial revnue including extra revenue. I don't want three lines in the chart but I want to have a slicer with tiles to select either with or without extra revenue. The line for invoiced revenue always stays the same. Is this possible and if so, how can I do this? 
I hope I explained the situation well. 


Thank you in advance!

Advocate I
Advocate I

Hi @bnjmnr ,
I hope I understand well what you want to achieve here. I will help you create buttons with your metrics step-by-step, allowing your end users to select which metrics will be shown in the line chart.
1. Create a table with your metrics as input (I am using an example from my dashboard, adjust accordingly).

2. Create equivalent measures for each of your metrics


(Sel) eCom CPM = 
    eCom_Select_Measures[eCom_Selected_Measures] = "CPM"))
    IF(ISBLANK([Countrows eCom Select measure]),
    IF(calc = 1, KPIs[CPM],


3. Create a metric that supports the previous one.


Countrows eCom Select measure = 


4. Then create your line chart with inputs on the axis the (sel) metrics you created above in step 2.

5. Create a slicer and in the field input the column from the table you created in step 1.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best of luck!😊





it is unclear for me, maybe if I tell what the names for my measures are it will be clear for me: the revenue including extra revenue is called: Total Actual Revenue

the name with just the revenue is called: Actual Revenue Excl Demurrage

both measures are in the tabel called: MeasuresTbl

the table that has the data for the measures is called: Finance TotalTbl. 

If you can adjust for the names maybe it will be clear! Thank you for your time!


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