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Compare value of calculated column vs normal column

I have a calculated date column (lets call in X) in my table. I have another normal date column (Y) in my table. I am not able to compare if Y is less than X since X is a calculated column. Any help on what I can do to solve this is appreciated. 




Community Champion
Community Champion

If you have a calculated date column (X) and a normal date column (Y) in your table, you can compare them using DAX in Power BI. You can create a new measure or column to perform this comparison. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Create a New Measure: If you want to create a measure that calculates a result for each row in your visualizations, you can use a DAX measure. In this example, I'll call the measure "ComparisonResult."

ComparisonResult = IF(YourTable[Y] < YourTable[X], "Y is less than X", "Y is greater than or equal to X")


  1. Replace "YourTable" with the actual name of your table, and "X" and "Y" with the names of your calculated and normal date columns, respectively. This measure will return a text result indicating whether Y is less than X or not.

  2. Create a New Calculated Column: If you want to create a new column in your table that permanently stores the comparison result, you can create a calculated column using DAX. In this case, you'll use the ADDCOLUMNS function to iterate through the rows and perform the comparison.

NewColumn =
IF([Y] < [X], "Y is less than X", "Y is greater than or equal to X")


  1. This DAX formula adds a new column called "ComparisonResult" to your table, which will contain the comparison result for each row.

After creating either the measure or the calculated column, you can use it in your visualizations to see the comparison between the Y and X columns. If Y is less than X, the result will indicate that, and if not, it will show the opposite.

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