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Helper I
Helper I

Compare slicer values to non-slicer values

So I have some phishing analytics I am making some graphics for (IMAGE 1). I have multiple clients, so this info is for Client A that is selected in the slicer. What I would like to do is show the averages of all the other clients so the current client can see where they stand in reference to other clients.

I have made an example of what it would look like in Excel (IMAGE 2).


I have a measure creating the failure rate percentage. But I am unsure how to show the values of the other Clients that are NOT selected in my slicer. I would of course like it to be dynamic so I can select another Client and the data updates based on the selected client and comparing it to all the other ones.








Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

@Bahalzamon is this what you are trying to achieve??

Where you select a client from a slicer, and it also shows you the average values for that month for all the clients??


If yes, you can use the line and stacked column chart, and on the Line axis show the average values.

@AbbasG do you have any information on how you created your visual if its accomplishing anything similar to what i am requesting as it seems the thread is completely dead.

@AbbasG kind of, using your visual the bars would be the average for C1 and the line would be the average of C2 and C3.
If we want to get super fance i wouldnt be opposed to having multiple lines for each of the other clients, but one thing at a time lol

Super User
Super User

Hi @Bahalzamon 

Try below:

    [my measure],
    CALCULATE ( [my measure], ALLSELECTED ( 'table'[client] ) )


You can use

ALLSELECTED - the total is for all clients selected

ALL  - all clients in the table




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@danextian i have tried a bunch of iterations and nothign is working.

i tried doing all, allexcept, allselected, allnoblankrow and can get none of it to work as i either get an error or everything is all teh same value  like all 25% or all 0%.

Hey @danextian 
I get what your doing but I am unable to identify how to impliment it into a final solution.

Here is my current measure for my existing visual. Do you think you can help guide me to what I am missing with the functions?

_Failure Rate =


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