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Combine 2 datasets into chart without prior join.

I have two datasets and I want to select one row from dataset 1 dynamically (from a slicer) and join with the dataset 2 and put both series into a chart and highlight the data from dataset 1. Imagine you have in dataset 1 the list of current cars with hp and price in one dataset and in another dataset I have all past cars with hp and price. I want to select one car from dataset 1 and see in a scatter chart with all data from dataset 2. How would you implement this in Power BI?

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But how would do this cross join into a new table that can change depending on the slicer? So the cross join only gets one row from dataset 1 and all rows from dataset 2.

Ah, so you want to append, not join. Use UNION.

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Super User

You are building a cross join, You need to add a measure to the values area to make that work.

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