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Column attribute not where its intended in matrix

I'm attempting to stack columns neatly so it reads: Metric: SPC Quantity > GP > Net Sales and then on the next row it's Key Account Name: YTD CY, YTD PY, YTD Var%. Something like this:



I've run into the issue of accomplishing this though. I have accomplished in achieving it at some level, but not the full intended way.

Example 1:


The header information reads exactly as I'd like it to be, but then within the actual data it displays SPC Quantity, GP, and Net Sales individually for each entry. Which is not what I would want. I understand the circle feature is what's causing this, but it was the only way I've since been able to figure out how to achieve the top header column set up.

Otherwise, if I remove that "Switch values in row groups rather than columns" this is what I get, which is even more wild with it including a whole new row, "Variance".


Anyone understand the opportunity and knows of a solution they can point me towards?

Super User
Super User

@Duras , Are you using calculation groups ? You can get some formats using that. I have explained this here

Calculation Groups- Measure Slicer, Measure Header Grouping, Measure to dimension conversion. Complex Table display :

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