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Circular reference error detected after Upgrade to April 2024, but not after downgrade to March 2024

Just updated to April 2024 version of Power BI Desktop.  Tried to open a pbix file to refresh data.  No changes to pbix file, just refresh the data like I have for the last 2 months.  Get the following error:


A circular dependency was detected: Table1[Age], (long id number), Table1[Name], Table1[Age].


If I uninstall April 2024 and re-install March 2024, everything works fine and I can refresh the data.

A colleauge had the exact same experience.  Upgrade to April, error.  Downgrade back to March everything ok.

In theory, the circular reference error would have been triggered in the March version too (before the April upgrade and after the downgrade from April to March)

Any ideas why would that happen? 
Anybody else run into this issue?


Advocate I
Advocate I

Same problem here!  This is a huge pain.  Where can I find the March '24 version?


...found it!

New Member

I'm having the same weird problem. My report was fine for months, but suddenly, it's showing a circular dependency error because of some relationships. And I couldn't just delete the relationship. I had to drop the calculated table and rebuild it without those relationships. But now, I've got to redesign my data model and a modify a several metrics because of that. Any idea what exactly in the lastest release  (April 2024) is causing this? BTW, the published version of the report is still working fine without any problem.

Super User
Super User

Refreshing all data sources made the error go away for me.

Thank you lbendlin for the reply.

Unfortunately, that did not work for me.  
I did leave out a potentially crucial peice of information.  Table1 is a calculated table generated via DAX.

Remaining Open Status Age =
'Still Open'[Status],
'Still Open'[Days open],
'Still Open'[Has JIRA],
'Still Open'[Start of Month],
FILTER('Products', 'Products'[Name] <> BLANK()),
FILTER('Groups', 'Groups'[Team] = "Team A"),
"Remaining Open", COUNTROWS('Still Open')


I can refresh everything in Power Query ok. Since Table1 is generated by DAX, the opportunity to refresh the data only occurs with the refresh button in the Home ribbon menu. When I try the to refresh from the home menu button I get the Circular dependency error.  
I also tried refreshing each table individually as well, but got the error saying that it detected the circular dependency on Table1.  For example, I tried refreshing the Calendar table, which is imported from an excel file  (not dependant on Table1 or any other data from the other tables in the pbix)  and still got the Circular dependency error.

Any other thoughts?

I'm just perplexed that I can refresh it no problem in the March 2024 version, but not in the April 2024 

Microsoft gives no guarantee of backwards compatibility when they update the rendering engines across the service, desktop and gateway.  One has to assume/hope that they improve the engine and reduce/remove errors. So potentially the prior behavior was due to a bug in the engine.


Of course there is also the possibility that they introduced new bugs. If you have a Pro license you can open a Pro ticket at
Otherwise you can raise an issue at .

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