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Helper V
Helper V

Circular Dependency


I have two measures: 


Measure One:

Total_mort_a =


Sum( 'comps'[comp_value]),

'comps'[mort_id] in {"A"})


Measure Two:


Total_mort_d =




Sum( 'comps'[comp_value]),


'comps'[mort_id] in {"D"})


I have then created a column (as I need to SUM this later) with the following logic:


Exclusion_for_mort_a =

If('comps'[comp_exclude_flag] ="Yes",'comps'[Total_mort_a],

If('comps'[app_exlude_flag] ="Yes",'comps'[Total_mort_a],

If('comps'[fa_exlude_flag] ="Yes",'comps'[Total_mort_a],0)))


All of the above so far, works perfectly.


I have then tried to replicate the same logic for Exclusion_for_mort_a but this time, for the Measure total_mort_d




If('comps'[comp_exclude_flag] ="Yes",'comps'[Total_mort_d],


If('comps'[app_exlude_flag] ="Yes",'comps'[Total_mort_d],


If('comps'[fa_exlude_flag] ="Yes",'comps'[Total_mort_d],0)))



But for this Measure, I get the error message:

Circular dependency comps[column], comps[Total_mort_a], comps[column]


I'm really confused as to why this is a problem as I have 2 separate measures for mort_a and mort_d.

Can anyone please point me in the right direction as to how I resolve this please? 

Super User
Super User

The first thing to do is to rewrite the calculated column so that it doesn't use measures.  I see people doing this all the time and it's not a good idea.

You may still experience a circular dependency after this but you will be able to track why it's happening

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