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Change Start and End Values on Y Axis for Slicer

I have set End Values for both of my y axis on left (0.6) and right side (100k) so that it is scaled correctly. Is there a way to have a set End Value for each of the selections in my slicer so that I don't have the problem as you see below where it is scaled awkwardly? I am not wanting it to be dynamic due to the line values that I have manipulated to match the chart. Thanks!







Community Support
Community Support

Hi, @Anonymous 


Unfortunately, it is unsupported to have a set Start/End Value for each of the selections in my slicer in Power BI currently. I'd like to suggest you vote on the idea and add your comments there to improve Power BI for making this feature coming sooner.


Best Regards




Super User
Super User

Hi @Anonymous ,


If you setup the value mannually the axis is always set to that limit so you get that type of information there is no direct way of having the values to be assume a value based on a measure  the auto does that but is based on the current value.


One work around can be to use a line and stacked column chart and use  new measure to add and additional value to your values that way you can overcome the additional value of the auto axis. to what I can see you already have a over and below the budget value so you just need to make it calculate the values 






In this case I added a measure with the following code:


Measure = IF(SUM('Table'[Value])<= 0,6 ; 0,6 - SUM('Table'[Value]) ; 1,1 * SUM('Table'[Value]) -SUM('T

This forces the value if below 0,6 to be 0,6 because its the sum of both values.



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