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Skilled Sharer
Skilled Sharer

Can you share a PowerBI repport so a customer can open it in their own powerBI enviorment

Hi Power BI community.

I have a customer (tenant) who already has his own power Bi service.

Is it possible for me to share a report so that he can open it in his own powerBI service?
I would think all I needed to do was to share it with the same e-mail adresse, but when he presse the link I send him he enteres a power Bi service where he only can see the one report I have shared with him.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The latter option is how i've personally worked.

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Super User
Super User

Yes, it is possible to share a Power BI report with a customer who already has their own Power BI service. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create the report in your Power BI workspace and publish it to the workspace.

  2. Share the report with your customer by email.

  3. The customer will receive an email with a link to the report, which they can open in their own Power BI service.

  4. The customer will only be able to see the report you have shared with them and will not have access to any other reports or data within your workspace.

Note: If your customer has a Power BI Pro license, they will be able to interact with the report, refresh the data and create their own visualizations. If they have a Power BI Free license, they will only be able to view the report.

Thanks for the quick response @jaweher899 
How do they do step number 3?
I know how they open the link, but how do they open it in their own report?

Do u want the customer to be able to open it online or in their own Power BI application? If the latter then all u'd need to do is share the download file and they can mess with it themself. If the first then they just get a link to the online rapport instantly in the mail when u give them access to the rapport.

I want the customer to be able to open it online, so it is not an option to just share the file.

But the customer already have a lot of power Bi reports from another company.
They would like not to jump from one service setup to another, so I want to know if that is possible.
When they open the link I send them, they can see the report, but in a diffrent service enviorment.


I don't think i understand what you mean. Are you talking about workspaces? If so no they cannot open the power bi report from another work space. The PowerBI Service allows for more then 1 workspace so i don't see why a customer would need to switch enviroments?

Yeah I am talking about workspaces, sorry for not useing the right term from the start.
The reason is just to save the end user from a couple of clicks in their daily routine, so I just wanted to know if it was possible.
Ok so you cannot open a report from a diffrent workspace that makesense. But would it be possible to upload my report to another workspace? or do I need to send the file to the people who has access to the workspace and have them upload it?

The latter option is how i've personally worked.

Thanks for the help.

Take in thought if they have any IT experience. If not possible guide them through the upload of the file and make sure they don't change it on accident.

Update to his post: Yes customer with pro can see the data however u can also disable this in the Datahub area of power bi.
U can make sure a customer only has read permissions.

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